August 15, 2002 

Human Rights & Law

Order without law and law without order 
Laws not enough to stop child marriage
The godfather syndrome: Inevitable or preventable?
Falling between stools and treading on toes
Children, crime and the state
Environmental degradation and legal instruments

State of human rights 2001: Women and female children Odhikar Report

Life of women prisoners in Bangladesh  

A Possible Way out of Backlog in Our Judiciary

State versus people: The forest laws of 2000
Environmental law 

The protection of minorities:  A critical challenge for everyone

The Story of Fatwa  

Outlawing Unauthorised Fatwa through Judicial Activism

Fatwa and the High Court 

Defining Fatwa: An Oriental Perspective 

Of hegemony, human rights and individualism  

Case of Dr. Younus Shaikh (blasphemy law) 

Over 300 minor girls being trafficked out every month!  

Security for a few and insecurity for all
Dating death in desert   

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