August 15, 2002 


Tackling environmental problems
Coping with urban air pollution for a city free of health hazards     
Air pollution & governance
6000 brick kilns emit toxic fumes around city 

We must come out of the hazard

Sound pollution: Silent killer

National Policy for Protecting Environment

Farewell to polybags

Environment Needs Total Dedication 
City-dwellers suffer from noise pollution

Mount pressure on developed nations to cut GHG emission

Industrialisation without environmental ethics

Will this govt at all phase out two-stroke three wheelers?
Toxic tannery waste triggers multiple maladies in metropolis
Theft of timber from reserves forest unabated
Stop killing Buriganga, stop dumping waste
Smoke around the city
Right to breathe clean air
Proper waste management needed to keep city clean
Persistent Air Pollution
Ozone layer's depletion and environment
Noise pollution in Bangladesh
Kilns in Magura threaten environment
Indiscriminate felling of trees for brick kilns hits environment
Greening Bangladesh: Saving environment globally and educating our offspring
Greening Bangladesh: A green policy-management framework
Environmental Code for Reducing Pollution
The Declining Forest and Causes of Deforestation in Bangladesh
City generates 9000 tons of waste a day
Basic Facts About Various Types Of Pollution 
Average emission level in city nearly 6 times that in US
Air Pollution situation worsening
Air pollution in Dhaka City
Acid rain blights our woodlands
Sustainable Trade and Environmental Concerns in Bangladesh
Controlling Air Pollution in Dhaka
Silver Lining in the Dark Clouds

The silent killer indoors   

Water scarcity, water pollution: The global crisis 
Save the river Buriganga 

Inhaling air or death ?  

Improvement in waste management

Hazards from toxic tannery waste in city   

Boon for shrimp cultivators, bane for the farmers

Air pollution more acute in villages than in cities

Third World communities fight the "Blue Revolution"

Bonn: Breakthrough on Kyoto Protocol

Fertilizer Chemicals: Pollutants in Environment

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